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Course Attendees

Dr. O'Shea
I tried my best to take notes but my pen just wasn't fast enough. It seemed like everything you delivered was worth remembering and using in part or whole. The value provided by attending with my new front desk staff has already paid off in motivation and a desire to achieve better results. Thanks again for a great course.
Dr Kenneth N. Feiler
Director, New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute
"Teresa has spoken at NJHPDI twice with essentially unanimous, very positive reviews. She is upbeat, interactive and fun and attendees leave feeling they have gained a lot of very useful information for their practice. I recommend her course for both dentists and administrative staff highly!"

Additional Testimonials

I really enjoyed your lecture and if you speak (near me) again you'll see me back in your class.
Amy H.
Your seminar was and continues to be a huge eye-opener for our practice.
Kelly Y.
It is always great to hear Teresa Duncan speak. It's nice to know that one can feel comfortable listening to her, and she understands our challenges of our position. Deanna A.
My colleague and I were at your "Agony of the code" class at the Yankee Convention in Boston and we absolutely loved it!
Iva A.
LOVE Teresa and I LOVED this Webinar!!
Danielle D.
Clear, easy to understand, to the point, down to earth, friendly and really understands how many areas an office manager has to monitor and handle each day. Just excellent!
Wendy L.
Teresa is always such a joy to listen to, and always brings excellent information to the table.
Kim D.
Teresa’s information is always current and forward. I appreciate her dedication to our learning process.
I must say that of all the insurance seminars I've attended in the last 25 yrs or so that her seminar covered most of the "real" office insurance headaches. She was informative and instructive to both "newbies" and us "older" gals. A great presentation!
Fay M.
I learned so much at the presentation and have made PAGES of notes to take back to my Docs.
Chanel P.
The staff enjoyed having you speak to them and I think everyone has a better understanding of how insurance works and the importance of documentation.
Heidi B.
I must say I learned a great deal from your course and it was comforting to learn most of my frustrations are a common occurrence.
Rachel P.
You were dynamic and I know the attendees - myself included - found much to help us make the management of our offices even better.
Marsha J.
I have been to other seminars that I would have preferred sleeping the entire time as opposed to listening to who was speaking and that was certainly not the case here! I appreciate your enthusiasm for the business and taking the time to teach us!
Heather W.
You made it very easy to follow and you really helped me understand a lot of this easier than fumbling through it on my own.
Linda S.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the awesome webinar today!! Honestly, I was terrified prior to today. You have definitely put me at ease.
Jennifer R.
I was given so much information! Today was a blur as I was focused on all the things I needed to do today when I got into the office. Donna M.
Lil W.I enjoyed your seminar very much. Insurance and how to deal with it is a reality that all dental practices face and you present things in a way that makes it considerably less of a hassle and more of a bottom-line practice builder. Thanks!
Dr. Ted G.
I had the pleasure of sitting in on your coding class this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thank you for a wealth of information and many new pearls! Linda


Dr. N. I.
"Very informative. Teresa Duncan is a very good speaker. Great course. Would love to attend more courses offered by Teresa."
Dr. I.B.
"Great course, very informative. Ms. Duncan is the best speaker."

Additional Testimonials

"Being my first time in the management field of dentistry, I found this course/lecture very intriguing. I was taught different techniques/systems that I definitely would put into place at my practice."
Dr. M. N.
"Excellent course, full of important information and good tips for the office manager!"
Dr. R. B.
"Great start for becoming more attune to business side. Leaves you thirsting for more details."
Dr. H. V.
"Great course. Convenient location. Ms. Duncan's lecture was clear and to the point."
Dr. Y. C.
"I liked that Ms. Duncan provided real insights about what's really happening and the way practices are changing. She is very knowledgeable about how to maximize revenue and deal with minefield of insurance."
Dr. J. M.
“The course was very well presented. Ms. Duncan had a wide knowledge of subject matter and provides appropriate anecdotal examples to make it all relevant."
Dr. V. W.
"This course is definitely very informative. As a new dentist and a brand new practice owner, I can absolutely appreciate this information!"
Dr. I. K.
"Precise, to the point, high energy speaker."
Dr. J. K.
"Very informative, good attitude and energy--very engaging and interesting. I can relate to every topic and gives very clear explanation."
Dr. D. C.

Consulting Clients

Dr. G.A.
She is an inspiration to all of us who are heavily involved with continuing education and coaching. I've been fortunate enough to have worked with many organizations over the past 10+ years and Teresa is one of the best coaches I've worked with.
Jennifer S.
It's clear that she does her homework, enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest, and really understands the information that she passes along to her clients.

Additional Testimonials

Knowing and working with Teresa has completely changed not only my career path, but my overall vision.


Meeting Planners

Drew Ramey
Assistant Executive Director, Arkansas State Dental Association
Teresa Duncan is a welcome addition to our meetings. First, her presentation style is professional and she connects well with our attendees. Second, she brings valuable information that means real improvement and understanding to our attendees. Lastly, success in the dental profession is not solely clinical; it takes a properly managed and informed office to compliment the work of the dentist. I recommend Teresa Duncan 100%.
Kim W.
Marketing & Education Liaison, Nu Image Surgical & Dental Implant Center
You were quite popular! The only speaker I've had that had 4 reviews asking for a longer meeting. You hold the record!!! We'll have you back.

Additional Testimonials

Teresa was so easy to work with while planning our Six Month Smiles Team Day. She provided all her material in a timely manner and also worked with us to promote the event. During her presentation the audience was engaged and responded well to her presentation style. She answered all questions as a true expert in insurance and revenue. We’ll definitely have her back!

Mike Gergen

Director of Sales and Marketing, Six Month Smiles

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